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House of Brands in Amsterdam that makes brands thrive in Europe

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We believe in the direct-to-consumer model (D2C)
and we’re defining how the industry works since 2018.

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We estimate that 1 in 8 EU households
has purchased a Whale Brands product


We’re here to provide people with the planet’s most-loved products. That means being choosy about the brands we bring in


We work with the best designers & content creators. Growing our social channels on Instagram & TikTok. We make sure everyone loves our content


Whale Brands platform includes more than 14 sales channels! Webshops that operate in a total of 11 countries in Europe


In-house marketing professionals pushing omni-channel campaigns via PPC, SEO, Social networks, TV & Print


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From pets, grooming, and exercising to enjoying music and designing the homes of millions of our customers around the world, we bring joy and challenge convention.

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